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R3VOLT is a community owned media platform built for artists and their communities to create together.

We believe by giving artists and their communities ownership in the media products, and the value created therefrom, that artists will find sustainable success, including fair and transparent pay, while the individuals and communities that contributed to the artists growth are rewarded for their efforts.

  • GameStop: We have a verbal agreement in place with GameStop for both digital content distribution and physical goods distribution in their brick and mortar stores. We submitted a formal deck to GameStop and expect to secure a LOI in short order.
  • BBC: We are submitting creative briefs and decks to BBC RE: production and distribution. Garrett and I had a productive initial round of discussions with their team, including alignment in principle on the production and distribution of the documentary, TV series, and albums (as the creative outputs of the TV shows).
  • Onboarding More Communities: I am close to securing the third largest Solana NFT community to join R3VOLT’s first two projects (documentary and Album), and I believe I can get the largest NFT community to sign on as well within the next two weeks. This will significantly expand our digital reach to mind blowing numbers. Attached are example decks.
  • NFT Launch: We are mobilizing for a scheduled launch on Dec. 13th. Preliminary expectations are to sell the NFT at a price point of $20 with a sales volume target of 30-40k unique sales.
  • App Development: I have a team of developers beginning to design the App for R3VOLT, this will enable the tracking of social media engagement and rewarding contributor points. The App will house our NFTs that are launched in conjunction with each creative project as well.
  • Documentary:  4 significant IP projects by the end of Q2 (Documentary, Yung Gritty Album, Yung gritty x Crooked I Album, and first season of the TV show). Our App will be in beta by this time, our points system will be in testing as well, and our points ecosystem and marketplace will be gearing up for a launch in Q3 to secure our network effects and competitive advantage.
  • Album Launch: launch party in LA on Dec 29th,
  • Blockchain Summit: to be held in conjunction with mtnDAO the third week of February. We will be doing a concert as well. We are looking at tying this in with the NBA all star game as well. If you have contacts that you could put me in touch with regarding the All-Star game that would be appreciated.


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