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Meet Your Hosts

We are a group of experts who scour the market for unique and profitable business opportunities. Our team does research and will actively scout out strategies that business owners can benefit from and most importantly, it's guaranteed to be an exciting and profitable partnership.

“Brock was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Josh MargolisFounder of DAF

Gary Nealon

Lakehouse Capital Founder & Co Host


Brock Felt

Lakehouse Capital Founder & Co Host

Lakehouse Capital Founder & Co Host

"Lakehouse Events are unparalleled opportunities."

We had 40+ unbelievably high-level people attend. In attendance we had over $25 billion in the room. (with $30b+ assets under management, 4 current or former professional athletes, top tech developers and engineers, a famous artist who painted for us live, and some major brands looking for investors.

Lakehouse Capital

We select a curated list of A-Level Investors.

With a minimum of $500,000 to deploy.


Attend one of the LakeHouse Capital Exclusive Events

Whether it’s at the Super Bowl or at the original Lake House HQ, attend a room full of high-level investors and brands.


Build things that inspire people.

We connect you with incredible opportunities and even offer to manage the deal for you.


Next Event: Huntsville, Utah

December 4th, 2022

If you are a private investor, PE firm, or fund manager (or know someone who is) with at least $500,000 of deployable assets ready to go, connect with us below for details.

Space is limited to 40 people, and over half are already committed.

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